Honda HR-V

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Honda has finally decided to bring in the HR-V to the Indian market after almost 20 years. The first generation of the HR-V was launched in 1999 and the second generation made its way in 2014 and the current model was unveiled in 2016, it has been around 3 years the current HR-V has made its debut but its yet to be launched in India. Honda says the HR-V will be open for sale in late 2019 making it a much anticipated car for the Indian market. Honda has always been one of the favourites for its trust and loyalty and is one of the leading automotive brands in India having an incredible sales since years. Honda has never failed to disappoint its customers in anyway, they have always been the leader in innovation bringing in new features and technology into their cars.

Talking about the HR-V, it is based on the same platform as the City and Jazz and measures 4295x1770x1605mm in dimension. The HR-V has a wheelbase of 2610mm and a ground clearance of 180mm

The HR-V will be a new segment for Honda in India as this is their first proper Mini SUV, it will be competing against the likes of the Hyundai Creta, Renault Duster, Nissan Terrano, Jeep compass. With all the above mentioned cars being super successful Honda must do something new and innovative with HR-V to surpass its competition. The HR-V sure is a good looking car with minimalistic design and has got the proper dimensions to move around on the Indian roads. As a Honda it will surely not need much of an explanation but consumers nowadays have started to think smart and not everyone chooses brand over product.