Huracan STO - The Synonym of Power

The Italian supercar brand Lamborghini has pushed the envelope with yet another masterpiece. In the Huracan series, Lamborghini has introduced the successor but not the replacement of the already running Huracan EVO and Performante. The new and improved Huracan called the Huracan STO which stands for Super Trofeo Omologato in Italian, is more aggressively designed and made as a race track car which marginally meets the requirements to be a street legal. The Huracan STO has great aerodynamics around the car, the front lower side has open edges to take in the air and throw away through ducts on the bonnet. The bonnet and front bumper is actually one unit, Lamborghini calls it “Cofango” and it opens the opposite way letting us remember the good all days of supercars. The aerodynamic brilliance does not stop at the front profile, the front wheel arches have vents for the outflow of air, massive diffuser at the back with a rear wing which is 3 ways manually adjustable. The Huracan STO has a cooling duct on the roof which pulls in air to cool the engine, a big shark fin stretching from the cooling duct to the rear wing which is for keeping the car stable on tight corners. All this design produces 420kg of downforce at 280km/h making the Huracan STO 37% more aerodynamically efficient than Huracan Performante. 4.56m long, 1.94m wide and 1.22m high from ground, 75% of the body which excludes doors and roof is made out of carbon fiber, tyres are made out of Magnesium for even more weight reduction. Elements of weight reduction can also be found in the interior with all door handles and locks replaced by straps, the rear shoulders look like being scooped out from Huracan EVO. In aggregation the Huracan STO with all its diet and body changes it has lost 43kgs in comparison to the Huracan Performante.

The STO shares the same engine with Performante, it is the 5.2L naturally aspirated V10 with 640hp power, torque has been reduced to 565nm from 600nm. 7-speed dual clutch transmission (DCT) and rear wheel drive (RWD) resulting in 0-100km/h in 3secs and a top speed of 310km/h. CCM-R carbon ceramic brakes which is a step ahead from normal ceramic brakes, these CCM-R brakes are stronger, durable and more powerful. 3 driving modes are included – STO which is the comfortable street mode, Trofeo which is foe track and then there is Pioggia which is the wet mode for rainy days. Keeping comfort or the driver as well there is adaptive suspension and an optional Nose Lift function to clear those speed breakers. Interior has not much changed from the Performante, Alcantara leather is used everywhere possible, race seats with optional roll cage and racing harness.

With the price tag of ₹4.99crore except options ex-showroom Delhi. Aggressive design, light weight and better performance makes the Lamborghini Huracan STO harder, louder and better that the Performante. The STO proves that it doesn’t only need money but it needs respect and commitment from buyers who understands the machine.

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