Hyundai Kona: The ultimate cross

Hyundai is all set to launch the Kona, which is a take on to the current cross segment cars making a new statement in the Indian market. Hyundai has always been a company bringing in correct blend of design, quality, features making it’s cars a step forward to it’s competition. Hyundai as always has again taken the challenge and in answer, they brought in the Kona which will compete against the likes of Honda BR-V, Fiat Aventurra, Ford Freestyle. This segment has not been doing that great in the Indian market since not all are in favour of this new gesture of a mixed breed. Hyundai being one of the top automotive company in India, they will be looking forward to take charge in this segment as well.

The Kona is totally based on the Hyundai i20, which is one of the most successful hatchback Hyundai has produced. So, taking i20 as its base, the kona will not be anything that much to look forward to as the the i20 has become a very common car and just adding a bit of cosmetic changes to the car does not mean it will be something huge. Nonetheless, after the launch of the kona in other countries, it was declared that the Kona will be launched in India only in full-electric form making it a bit on the expensive side to its competition. The kona will be one of the first fully electric crossover vehicle which can be affordable to people.