Land Cruiser 300 - The mighty Off Roader

Toyota recently held a digital event in UAE and announced the latest version of the famous Land Cruiser. The new generation variant is to be made available only in the Middle east and Russia with further plans to expand globally. Carrying the same dimensions as that from the previous generation, with a ground clearance of 230mm and the same approach and departure angles. The Land Cruiser 300, as a name upgrade from Land Cruiser 200, would be available in 2 variants, the 300 and 300 GR which is a sporty version of the Land Cruiser, with more black hard plastic elements in the front and side profile of the car. Both petrol and diesel engines to choose from but Toyota went from a V8 to V6 engine for fuel efficiency. The petrol engine comes with a V6 Twin-Turbo 3.5L unit which produces 409hp and 650nm of torque. The diesel engine is a 3.3L Twin-Turbo unit which produces 305hp power and 700nm of torque which is 30hp and 80nm of torque more than the predecessor. Along with a powerful engine comes a 10-speed automatic transmission combined with a four-wheel drive which can be shifted into a two-wheel drivetrain at low speed.

The Land Cruiser 300 sports a new look, the basic design is kept same with some boxy elements like headlights and windows, the grille is now even more higher and so it the headlights and tail lights so that it doesn’t get damaged while off-roading. Better weight distribution due to low center of gravity, with weight of 5774 pounds for 5 seat variant and 5874 pounds for 7 seat variant the Land Cruiser 300 is 441 pounds lighter than the predecessor.

As for the features and technology equipped, the SUV gets a 9-inch infotainment screen that can be upgraded to 12.3-inch, heads-up display and for the first time in a car we get a fingerprint sensor on front doors and engine start/stop button. To help in off-roading, the Land Cruiser has a Multi Terrain Monitor system which is basically a camera that displays to the driver obstacles the car is going through, and a Multi Terrain Select system which automatically selects the drive mode based on type of terrain instead of driver selecting that manually.

Answering to rumors and high expectations of many, the Land Cruiser 300 looks a brilliant upgrade on the previous one, with beautiful design and mighty engine it surely creates more cravings to know more.

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