Mercedes-Benz V-Class: Luxury Intended

Mercedes-Benz, a brand which needs no introduction, a dream for many, and undoubtedly the pride of the automobile industry. Mercedes-Benz was founded 92 years ago by Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler in Stuttgart, Germany and its product focus is mainly in luxury vehicles, buses, coaches and trucks. Mercedes-Benz has made its mark all over the world and has a totally separate fan base altogether. It has taken the level of luxury into a totally different level and not ignoring the fact that Mercedes-Benz is also well known for its sports and performance cars i.e. AMG. Mercedes-Benz has always known the exact blend between pure luxury and dynamic performance in all its cars, taking the automobile industry to a different level. But, recently the German automaker has tried to something new and some might say a risky project, by bringing in the V-Class. Which is a total out to out luxury MPV with no appealing design and far from a performance vehicle. Here Mercedes-Benz have made the tourist people or families who travel a lot, the target audience by bringing them an MPV which is luxurious, Spacious and feature loaded.

The Mercedes-Benz V-class does not have any direct competition as of now but soon the Kia Carnival will be launched in the Indian market and will surely give a tough answer to the V-Class. V-Class is not as dignified or luxurious as the E-Class or the GLC, but its way more spacious and versatile than either, or any other luxury car for that matter. It is genuinely a distinctive offering in a segment which is still a start in our market. The V-Class is enormous, at over 5.1 meters long and with a wheelbase stretching up to 3.2 metres, the V-Class takes up the same material as the S-Class. And if that’s not enough, Mercedes is also selling an extra-long wheelbase version which is even longer. That will be a 7-seater while the 6-seater V-Class that you see in India is the more luxurious version designed for large families and corporates.

From outside, the V-Class totally looks big and spacious but due to its shape it feels a bit clumsy and the wheel size is too small for the colossal body making it a bit in-proportionate. The front consists the same rectangular grille with those signature LED’s with DRL’s. Arguably, the V-Class’ ultimate party trick are the electric sliding doors that open wide. Further improving the access is the high roof that makes it easy for anyone to enter into the cabin. The rear is as boxy as it can get and is just a replica of square with tail-lamps fit into it. It’s got a massive rear windshield for a clear rear vision and makes the cabin very roomy and enlightened.

Inside the V-Class the minivan roots are noticeable. The cabin has its share of strengths and weaknesses. First of all, the ergonomics are outright brilliant and you get a commanding view of the road. The visibility of the road is as good as it can get, thanks to the elevated body and the low-set dashboard. What’s more, the large windows and the beige upholstery bring the airy feeling and make the cabin seem more spacious than it actually is. The V-Class continues to impress when it comes to quality and appearance, the dash layout is similar to that of current Mercedes models, meaning everything is well laid out and touch points feel solid and premium.

The V-Class gets a 2.1-litre, four-cylinder motor that’s paired to a 7-speed automatic. This engine has been worked on to meet BS6 norms and it makes 162bhp and 380Nm of torque. In isolation these figures seem impressive although not to forget the fact that the V-Class weighs over 3 tonnes. As it is Mercedes whatever they do is done after a million thoughts so definitely the MPV will have a good low-end grunt and will smoothly carry over 6 people in tough road condition.

The V-Class has made out a new for itself with no competition whatsoever so far. It is an ultra-luxury MPV, one that carries a big premium, the extra-long wheelbase Expression version costs Rs 86 lakhs on-road and the six-seater Exclusive version you see here is priced at Rs 1.03 crores on-road. It is expensive but will never disappoint you, after all it is a Mercedes-Benz.

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