Mercedes-Benz V-Class: Luxury Intended

Mercedes-Benz, a brand which needs no introduction, a dream for many, and undoubtedly the pride of the automobile industry. Mercedes-Benz was founded 92 years ago by Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler in Stuttgart, Germany and its product focus is mainly in luxury vehicles, buses, coaches and trucks. Mercedes-Benz has made its mark all over the world and has a totally separate fan base altogether. It has taken the level of luxury into a totally different level and not ignoring the fact that Mercedes-Benz is also well known for its sports and performance cars i.e. AMG. Mercedes-Benz has always known the exact blend between pure luxury and dynamic performance in all its cars, taking the automobile industry to a different level. But, recently the German automaker has tried to something new and some might say a risky project, by bringing in the V-Class. Which is a total out to out luxury MPV with no appealing design and far from a performance vehicle. Here Mercedes-Benz have made the tourist people or families who travel a lot, the target audience by bringing them an MPV which is luxurious, Spacious and feature loaded.

The Mercedes-Benz V-class does not have any direct competition as of now but soon the Kia Carnival will be launched in the Indian market and will surely give a tough answer to the V-Class. V-Class is not as dignified or luxurious as the E-Class or the GLC, but its way more spacious and versatile than either, or any other luxury car for that matter. It is genuinely a distinctive offering in a segment which is still a start in our market. The V-Class is enormous, at over 5.1 meters long and with a wheelbase stretching up to 3.2 metres, the V-Class takes up the same material as the S-Class. And if that’s not enough, Mercedes is also selling an extra-long wheelbase version which is even longer. That will be a 7-seater while the 6-seater V-Class that you see in India is the more luxurious version designed for large families and corporates.