Mini Cooper JCW: A class of its own…

Mini has always been a brand which produces exotic hot-hatch, its design has always been a ‘like-it or hate-it’ because everyone is not into hatchbacks that give you a kick in the pants feel. Hatchbacks are known for their affordability, daily travel, manoeuvrability, fuel-economy e.t.c. Mini has never considered these factors, it produces premium hatchbacks which are quite expensive, and are also known as fuel guzzlers making it far from a daily traveller. Mini was then eventually taken over by BMW, since then there are many similar bits and pieces Mini uses of BMW. Mini has come up with something called as a JCW edition in their Cooper model, making their normal Mini Cooper into something more powerful, louder and hotter. The Cooper has always been one of the classics, and the most sold Mini ever. It was also featured in the classic show of Mr.Bean and many others. Mini has been a pride of Britain since almost 60 years

On the outside, it has those red colour in places to give the originality of Mini, let that be on roof,mirrors, e.t.c. And those signature race stripes on the bonnet giving it a sporty appeal on the front with an air scoop for better calling and aerodynamics. It still clings on to the large black wheels giving it rugged appearance on the sides. Mini has given it a more aggressive front and rear bumper, JCW badging all round, all LED head and tail lamps, newer and bolder alloy wheels, and 4-piston callipers in bright red for better stopping power. Its tail lamps are designed in a way that it portrays the British flag proudly. Not to forget, the JCW has got an adaptive exhaust with a sound detonator which is connected via bluetooth, it is used to open and close the exhaust valve for a better sound experience. Isn't that cool?

The interior starts with sporty, surrounded seats, a head-up display, and a touchscreen multimedia system with Bluetooth and all possible music input options. Power height adjustable seats, along with climate control, and a detailed driver information also come standard in the car.But, that’s not all. There are many options to choose from as well. You can opt for tyre pressure monitoring, interior illumination, adaptive suspension, and various interior finishes including carbon black and brown. As BMW being the parent company the infotainment system is same as the i-drive used in BMW cars, making it easy and minimalistic. Customers can also add adaptive lighting with matrix function, and a panoramic glass roof to the mix. All this however, comes at a price. If one were to choose all the options that the JCW comes with, it would amount to over Rs 15 lakhs, for that price you could buy another car. It can be a called a four seater but there is no leg room whatsoever for the rear passenger, it could better serve as a luggage keeper than a passenger seat.

The Mini JCW, uses a 2-litre, four cylinder engine like the JCW edition. But, instead of 208bhp and 300Nm of torque, this one makes 230bhp and 320Nm of peak torque. Coupled to an 8-speed auto, Mini claims a 0-100km/ph time of a fraction over 6 seconds. That’s around half a second quicker than the JCW edition. The JCW also gets driving modes, paddle shifters, and run-flat tyres making it as sporty as a race car. Due to the great suspension, the JCW feels no less than a GO-KART in terms of handling.

The Mini Cooper JCW is a perfect car for the millennials and for the enthusiasts giving the proper mix of power, style and driving satisfaction. It may not be an ideal family car but surely compensates that with its sheer driving pleasure. The Mini Cooper S JCW edition, when launched in 2017, was priced around Rs 40 lakhs. This one, with more power, better brakes, and sportier suspension setup is priced at Rs 43.5 lakhs. For this price tag the JCW is totally worth it. What’s your take on this guys?

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