Renault Triber: Small gets Bigger

Renault has now been in the automotive industry for sometime now, but has never been a segment leader anytime, the only time they were close, was with the Duster which managed to sell a lot in the compact SUV segment. Although, Renault has managed to grip on to customers by getting in new technology and features into the market but somewhere they have lacked to master the research and development side of things. Renault has got a fascinating line-up of cars in other countries and have cars in the luxurious segment too, it is just not understandable why Renault does not bring in the globally acclaimed cars in India for a better market share.

However, Renault has now come up with another car in the sub 4-metre segment called the Triber, and Renault has acclaimed that the Triber will be the most spacious sub 4-metre car with 7 seats. Now that is something new and never before seen thing, as a car as short as 4 meter having 7 seats is close to impossible but Renault has managed to pull this off. The Renault Triber is based on the Kwid’s CMF-A platform and has a lot common with the Kwid making it resemble with the other Renault cars. The Triber is the new take on to the current hatchbacks and compact SUV segment. Here the Triber is in the advantage as it’s the only one with 7 seats and with same price.