Safety starts from within…

Safety has been a much-ignored subject in a country that has possibly the highest amount of road deaths in the world. But the problem lies more in our attitude, rather than manufacturers trying to sell us what we are now complaining about as sub-standard products. There was seen a lot of disturbing souls after some small Indian cars failed the NCAP safety test. While moaning about the lack of safety of the car, has one ever thought about how or what oneself should do for safety, wearing seat belts is the most basic safety measure which around 80% of the co-passengers and 50% of the drivers don't wear. Talking about safety the first thing that should come to mind is the speed regulation. Why do people have to speed the car even in speed restricted places? It is just inviting more trouble, the road signs always show a max speed limit but majority of the people don't even know it exists.

The problem starts at the beginning, when we go to the RTO to get a driving license. Wherein the world can one get a license by manoeuvring the car in the circuit and just parking it in a given place. Licenses are issued too easily, and half the drivers on our roads really shouldn’t be driving. In many parts of India license are given to people even without test and exams and just with money. This is a major cause of accidents as people with lack of knowledge about driving start to drive and put their as well as others lives in risk.

I am wondering how many people know the usefulness of ABS, EBD, traction control system and airbags in the car? It’s sad that whilst we demand for more technology, we really don’t know the basics. Now for an example, how many people who go to buy a car, ask the salesman about the NCAP ranking and safety tests on the car, rather customers are more into sunroof, music system and many other things which distract them from driving. Most people would rather pay Rs 50,000 less for a version without ABS than one with it, and the same people will shell that amount on features like sunroof and voice controls, which they would barely use. It’s our mentality that needs to grow and change, not only when we buy cars, but also when we drive them.