Tesla Model 3: Electric cars redefined.

Tesla is an American automotive company based in California which was found in July 2003, by engineers Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning,Tesla then was joined by ELON Musk, and Ian Wright, all of whom are allowed to call themselves co-founders of the company. Musk, who formerly served as chairman and is the current CEO(Chief Executive Officer) said once that it aimed at offering electric cars at prices affordable to the average consumer making the world less polluted. After then Tesla has immensely graduated the levels of electric cars making it something for people to look forward to. Though Mr.Musk said about making it affordable for average customers, it doesn't seem like it, as cars that Tesla produces are on the expensive side with the cheapest of them being the Tesla Model 3 pricing at around $50,000 which can go upto $80,000.

Talking of Model 3 being the cheapest Tesla, it does not show so. It has got all the perks of a premium sedan. The Tesla Model 3 is a fully electric car offering a state of art technologies. It is finally unveiled that Tesla will be making way to the Indian Automotive industry with their Model 3. It is still a question will the Tesla be able to sustain in the Indian market as the number of electric stations are a lot less compared to other countries. Leaving that fact alone, there is a lot to look forward as the model 3 will bring a lot of segment first features mainly being the self-drive system with other.

For the exterior, Tesla believes to keep the design simple and sleek. The Tesla logo is pasted on the hood, above the grille-less bumper design which reminds you of the absence of an engine underneath. The Model 3 design is curvy and you can see the flared wheel arches and a sloping roofline making it look more dramatic and attractive. The tail section is also sleek with LED tail lamps and has an integrated moulded spoiler on the boot-end for better aerodynamics. The side profile shares lots of bits and pieces with the Tesla family starting from the roofline to the windows. Overall the Model 3 looks posh and distinct from all angles.

Inside the same concept of keeping things understated continues with the Tesla Model 3. The dashboard has only one large tablet screen in the centre which controls all the vehicle operations, setups which consists of both, the instrument cluster as well as the infotainment system. There is a wooden trim on the dash giving a royal appeal, the interior is all black and comes upholstered in leather and gets almost an entire glass roof. There are no buttons whatsoever, there has been a mixed reaction for the interior as there is nothing much interesting and fascinating about it except from the large tablet placed besides the steering wheel.

The Tesla Model 3 is powered by one or two electric motors based on the choice of trim and range with the combined horsepower ranging from 283bhp to 450bhp driving with the rear wheel drive and also all wheel drive option. The Model 3 is capable of driving for over 500kms in a single charge and apart from the regular charging stations, it also can be supercharged to almost 80 per cent capacity within 40 minutes, but for which you will have to shell a lump sum amount to buy that fast charger.

The Model 3 has a 5-star safety rating as per American regulations in every category and gets all the safety aids anyone can think of. All Tesla cars receive their software upgrades through the internet and are already offering part-autonomous driving in their cars. It is still not disclosed whether Tesla will offer the self-drive system in India.

Tesla Model 3, with the import duties and tax, should cost around Rs 70 lakhs to Rs 90 lakhs in India putting it in the league of the Mercedes CLS, the Audi S5 and other luxury cars. It sure is an expensive car but will definitely make you save a lot on your fuel. The Model 3 should hit the Indian roads by early 2020 and without a doubt it is gonna turn a lot of heads.

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