The all-new Audi A8L

One of the most competitive segment, competition of the highest class, expectations to take on the world’s best car, the all-new Audi A8L has a lot of pressure before it’s launch and after looking at it you can definitely tell this time Audi has not left anything to disappoint the audience. The brand ‘Audi’ itself holds a lot of heritage and A8L becoming it’s flagship car which means that there is a lot of expectations from it, making it one of the most anticipated facelifts of the year.

Audi was always known for its design language making it distinct from its home competition, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. These names are huge and they need no description or introduction, amidst all this, Mercedes-Benz came up with a facelift of its flagship car, the ’S class’ early last year making it an enormous success and some even call it ‘the best car in the world’. The Audi A8L is a direct competition to the ’S class' and has to come up with something extraordinary to match with the ’S class’. Amongst the Mercedes-Benz S class and the Audi A8L, the segment is shared with the Jaguar XJL and the BMW 7 Series which are no less in any aspect.