The Ruthless Muscle just got Mightier

Ford is back with a bang and this time it is bigger than ever making the SHELBY GT500 the most powerful street-legal Ford ever produced. Mustang has been the most critically acclaimed muscle car since its launch and has the ability to tear apart anything which comes on its way. The Ford Mustang has always stayed out of the horsepower wars and its rivals, the 797 hp Dodge Challenger and the 650 hp Chevrolet Camaro have always over-powered the Mustang on paper but not anymore as the Mustang now boasts of 700+hp. Ford promises the latest Shelby GT500 will not only be the most powerful production Mustang ever, but the most powerful street-legal car it has ever produced.

The all new GT500 looks more dramatic and eye-catching in all ways, it’s definite for peoples head to turn when this beast passes by let it be from its masculine visual impact or it’s mind-numbing exhaust note. The Mustang was always well known for its exhaust, but now after getting a major upgrade to its power it will sound even better than before, which means it will not only give you a truly splendid look but also an immaculate sound experience for the driver as well as the public. Mustang has always been proud of its design language and Ford has managed to do that by keeping it stylish and simple throughout all generations.

The Shelby was first launched in 1965 and since then many things have changed. It use to produce 306 bhp (310 PS; 228 kW) @ 6,000 rpm and 329 lb ft (446 Nm) @ 4,200 rpm of torque. The upcoming Shelby GT500 will have more than 700hp, all of which will be generated by a 5.2-litre supercharged all-aluminium V8. It’s based on the engine used in the Shelby GT350 Mustang (the current generation model), and is mated exclusively to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Ford claims the GT500 will do zero to 60 mph within 3.5 second mark, and run the quarter mile in under 11.0 seconds. That should put the Ford within the competition of the 797-hp Challenger Hellcat Redeye WideBody, which does zero to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds and runs the quarter mile in 10.8 seconds at 131 mph, according to Dodge. But while the Challenger is an old-school muscle car that’s really only good in a straight line, Ford claims the GT500 will also be able to turn corners with utmost enthusiasm, making it a clear winner in all the aspects.

The GT500 will now come with bigger Brembo brakes than its predecessor, which will offer supreme breaking power, and which will come with 20.0-inch wheels housed in bulging fenders. There are a lot of modifications which can be done on this car before buying it through Ford, like the Handling pack, bigger rear spoiler, or a Carbon Fiber Track Package with carbon fiber wheels. Ford also removes the rear seats to save weight. However, the options list also includes some high comforts, like an 8.0-inch touch screen, 12.0-inch driver information display, and 12-speaker B&O (Bang & Olufsen) Play audio system.

Pricing of the Shelby GT500 will be announced closer to its launch, but expect the Shelby GT500 to have a significant premium over the GT350, which starts around $60,000. So all you guys out there eagerly waiting for the GT500, fasten your seat belts because it isn’t going to be anything you ever witnessed.

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