Think beyond Brands.

Thinking outside the box or doing something different from others is not a cup of tea for the majority, but can be quiet fruitful at times. Many a times we make the mistake of redoing what other people do, seeing their success, but one does not understand sometimes listening to yourself can be more decisive. So coming to what the blog is all about i.e to focus on buying cars from brands which are not as successful or famous in the automobile industry but their product is worth the gamble.

What is ‘Brand’? How did a brand become ‘THE Brand’? Just think about it… It’s we the customers who actually make any small brand a major brand, whatever the reason might be. So it’s all in the mind…yes, there are certain factors to be taken into consideration as some might say established brands are more reliable because its tried and tested more than the smaller brands, but if this keeps on going like this, the cars made by lesser known brands will not be known to many and which is the reason why better quality and featured loaded cars from smaller brands have stopped their production and mediocre quality cars with normal design language turn out to be a great success in the market and gradually as these cars grasp high sales in the market, the quality reduces, as the company knows, once any product has got a good share in the market people buy that product just because of the Hype and popularity. With all this happening the one who suffers is the customer.

Smaller or lesser known brands in the automobile industry are the ones who do the most research and development in order to make the best product for that initial breakthrough which can get them par to the rest of the players in the market. These cars have a lot more features for the price they offer. For instance, take a look at Renault, in competition to break the Maruti-Hyundai strong hold on the budget end of the market, the French firm gave the Kwid an SUV-like style and a touch screen. And they are still at it. The latest Kwid gets a rear camera, a rear armrest, and a few other smaller bits, and the price remains the same. Also, after its initial zero-star crash rating, Renault has made changes to the structure and equipment which earned it one star and, technically speaking, it is the safest car amongst it's competition, but still is one of the least sold cars in its segment. The fact is that buying a car from an established brand gives you assurance on certain factors, such as, after sales service, better resale value e.t.c. But sometimes it’s better to lose less and gain more.

Yes, the underdogs have to really pull up their socks. It is always worth looking beyond the brand, just make sure you look carefully because it can be a gamble, but then again the payoff can be sweeter too.